Religious Differences in a Custody Battle

Parenting differences seem more pronounced when the parents decide to divorce, and can even create emotionally charged disagreements during the child custody battle. What happens when there is a difference between religions and cultures in a custody battle? Which religion or culture wins when two parents cannot agree?

Discussing Religious Differences

The religious differences may or may not have been an issue during the marriage, but the most important thing after a divorce when children are involved, according to Oklahoma courts, is the best interest of the child. Parents have the fundamental liberty and right to teach their religious beliefs to their children, as long as those beliefs and practices do not harm the child. With that said, before a court-ordered child custody agreement is signed off by the courts, a parenting plan that encompasses both parents’ religions and cultures should be established.

The Court-Ordered Custody Agreement

The court-ordered custody agreement should encourage both parents to permit the religious beliefs, traditions, and practices of the other parent with the child. A common problem that comes up in custody agreements, even when two parents actually agree on religion, is where the child will spend certain holidays. Ultimately, the court is going to decide what is best for the child involved in a divorce with religious disagreements. However, the court would prefer the parents resolve these issues on their own. In extreme cases wherein a child may experience harm pertaining to certain cult-type religious beliefs, the court will step in, but otherwise, expect the parents to make these decisions and support the child in experiencing both religions.

For example, baptisms, communions, and confirmations take quite a bit of time and planning to enjoy and honor the ceremony, as well as those participating in it. If the other parent is negative about the ceremony or the religion, in general, those feelings could tarnish the enjoyment of the child and create conflict between everyone involved. It is vital for both parents to remember that, eventually, the child will grow up and make their own decisions regarding religion. Acting negatively about the other parent’s religion could actually pollute the child’s feelings about religion entirely.

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