Who is Liable in an Uber or Lyft Car Accident?

The ride-sharing industry has exploded, not only offering people a way to get around a city, but also providing individuals with a way to make some money with their vehicles. Unfortunately, as more and more motorists are providing Uber and Lyft rides, Uber and Lyft accidents are increasing. Personal injuries and deaths caused by these accidents have brought up the question of liability in rideshare accidents many times in courtrooms across the country, causing confusion and forcing lawmakers to decide who is liable when rideshare accidents happen.

The Independent Contractor Defense

Uber and Lyft have both provided their share of defenses regarding why they should not be held liable for accidents that happen while a driver is providing a ride through their ridesharing service. One of those defenses has been because drivers are considered to be independent contractors. Whether or not a driver is considered an independent contractor or an employee by lawmakers will determine whether or not Uber and Lyft can be held liable. If they are considered employees, the companies could be held liable, but as independent contractors, the drivers would be held liable and Uber and Lyft may be able to weasel out of liability for any car accident injuries or deaths that occur in accidents.

Insurance Issues

Uber and Lyft both provide a limited insurance plan to their drivers, which pays anything over the amount that a driver’s personal insurance policy does not cover. However, this has caused issues, because most personal insurance policies will only cover damages and injuries if the car is being used for personal reasons, not business reasons, and providing rides to other people has been considered business by insurance companies, similar to what taxi drivers do.

Because of this, numerous victims who have suffered injuries in Uber or Lyft accidents have experienced difficulty recovering the compensation they rightly deserved – and certainly needed – after an accident. Many cases like this are in litigation right now. Some are individual lawsuits, while others are class action lawsuits. Unfortunately, because of the legal “gray areas” that Uber and Lyft ridesharing accidents have uncovered, people are suffering injuries and worried that they may not be able to hold anyone liable for their injuries and obtain the compensation they need to physically recover and get their lives back on track.  

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