Who Is Liable if a Pothole in Oklahoma City Causes Me To Get Into a Car Accident?

Many of the car accidents that happen in Oklahoma City are caused by drivers who are not paying attention to the road, texting while driving, drinking and driving, or otherwise behaving irresponsibly. However, there are certainly some kinds of car accidents that happen in OKC that are not as much a driver’s fault, but rather due to an issue with the street, road, or highway. It might be a missing guard rail, a pothole, or other poor road conditions that causes a car accident and serious personal injuries.

Poor Road Conditions May Require A Different Type of Claim

If you are injured in a crash that is due to poor road conditions like a pothole, recovering

compensation for your damages and injuries could prove to be a bit more challenging than if the accident was caused by an at-fault driver. This is because when accidents like this happen, you will typically need to file a claim against the property owner, which is often a government agency, and this process follows a set of rules that are different than a normal car accident claim that is filed through an auto insurance company.

Who is Responsible For Road Conditions?

If the hazard in the roadway is on part of a private road or a toll road, you will need to find out who is the owner of that part of the street. In most cases, though, the responsible party will be a government agency in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation maintains the state roads and highways in Oklahoma City. The county commissioner maintains the county roads and streets are generally maintained by the municipalities in which they are located.

Downfalls of Government Claims

Unfortunately, in many cases, the government is somewhat protected from tort claims, so you will most likely need to contact an experienced Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer who can investigate and explain your legal options to you. Be sure to contact legal representation as soon as you can after the accident, because there are short timetables involved in filing claims against government agencies.

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