I Didn’t Hit the Other Driver! Why Are They Suing Me?

In some Oklahoma City car accidents, the fault is fairly easy to pinpoint. But, that does not mean that the driver who is at fault is going to admit that they were responsible for the accident. In fact, too often, drivers who are negligent refuse to admit fault – and even lie, causing the insurance companies to dig to find out the truth about what happened and determine who was truly at fault.

Not Admitting Fault

The best thing to do if this happens to you is to gather as much evidence and information as you can about the accident. Grab a copy of the police report and head to an Oklahoma City car accident attorney immediately. The reason we say this is because the process for insurance claims is not always easy, nor is it always fair. Even if you are obviously not the driver at fault, the other driver’s insurance company is going to try to offer you the least amount of compensation possible to close your claim. It’s an uphill battle trying to negotiate with an insurance adjuster who has processed hundreds of claims similar to yours. That is why an Oklahoma car accident attorney is often your best bet.

Uninsured or Underinsured

Sometimes, the negligent driver who is refusing to admit fault does not even have any auto insurance. In that case, it would be beneficial to have uninsured motorist coverage, which means that your insurance company will pay your claim because the at-fault driver did not have insurance at the time of the accident. Other times, the driver is only carrying the minimum amount of insurance required by Oklahoma law. In those cases, it is beneficial to possess underinsured motorist coverage, which provides you with additional coverage in the event you sustain significant injuries and damage that the at-fault driver’s insurance won’t cover.

Obviously, you would prefer the insurance company just cut you a check that will cover your out-of-pocket expenses, but that rarely happens as easily as it sounds. That is why, with the nuances within the laws and the insurance coverages, and the insurance companies playing games, it is often easier to just hire an Oklahoma car accident lawyer to handle the entire mess for you. If you were in a car accident in Oklahoma City and any of these situations pertain to you, call Owens Law Office, PC today at 405-608-0708 for a free consultation.

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